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PFCWare - Mini-Update & MYClixie Demo CD!

Mini-Update & MYClixie Demo CD!

February 27 2023, 10:32 pm

well... happy new year!! it's been ages since we've sat down and worked on this site. hopefully y'all have been doing well. @_@ we had a lot of bs to sift through for the past several months, most of it offline or personal, so i won't get into much here... but in brighter news, we'll be travelling quite a bit for the next few months so that will be fun!

for now, i'll just share today's personal project/challenge. it's been a while since we made anything physical after all! we finally replaced our printer around christmas (after losing our old one in the 2021 freeze. RIP fallen soldier) and set it up maybe a month ago?? so after getting into a graphic design-flavored groove the night before and a desire to compile all our original character-themed tunes in one spot... the myclixie cd is born!!

the front cover, using a more up-to-date redraw of one of the oldest clixie images...
...and the inside, featuring authentic bootleg disc quality!
oh, and the full digital version of the insert.

again, this project was MOSTLY an excuse to get more graphic design practice in. it's something we want to get better at despite not having any know-how that didn't come from visual art or cartooning. that being said, i like how they came out and it's making me fully confident that i could get back into music just to make more. this was a super fun project even if it didn't take super long to put together! and hey, i need an excuse to get back into making stuff anyway. i've literally had fl studio laying around for a while and the most i made was a short cover of a runescape song.

sea shanty 2, because low-hanging fruit is the best tasting.

...tangent aside. there are only two completed jewel cases right now (one for me and one for one of my irl friends). and NO, i'm not selling any... just for legality's sake. commercial licenses for fonts alone can be expensive and i'd like to pretend to be reasonable with my spending for a second LMAO. though i may put together a digital version in a google drive or something just so it's available- especially since the 5th track hasn't been uploaded anywhere publicly!

anyway, i think that's about it for displaying an art project that doesn't fit 100% neatly into any of my current site categories. here's hoping this year i'll buckle down and start working on this site again, maybe tinkering more with HTML or actually going ahead with the myclixie project itself... been working a lot on stuff like in-universe logos and background characters though! for now though i'm going to fix the entirety of this "blog" train. so many broken buttons. and don't even get me started on the ARCHIVE....