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PFCWare - Creative First Post Title

Creative First Post Title

September 26 2022, 06:11 am CST

so.. first post! for the blog portion of the site i want to keep it to stuff relevant to the site itself, related interests and/or projects, etc. also just a nice opportunity in general to talk, since i have a tendency to do that a lot & there isn't really any other good avenue on this site specifically for it. LOL

for starters, recent site stuff. the newest pages at the moment (besides this one & the blog archive!) are my about page & the freebies section. the freebies was meant to be added waaaaay earlier honestly, it's been here roughly since i first claimed the domain. it wasn't until immediately after that i realized the amount of stuff i made for general public use was shockingly little. x_x thankfully i'm on the road to remedying that. i forgot how fun it was to make little graphics... honestly i did it a lot more during my deviantart days. (fun fact: i did actually include two stamps i made back in 2014! less for the quality and more for the nostalgia. they're delightfully tacky. like most stamps.

as for the about page, if you haven't read through it yet... what's up, call me cube. :) i like doing the digital/creative equivalent of banging rocks together. i have a lot of scattered hobbies and interests, so it's only natural i put together my own little corner of the internet to try and give them a good home.
... okay, so the internet is way more hostile to artists than 10 years ago. i used to just draw for the fun of it and not worry about popularity or fame. even though i still plan on continuing my commissions, i'd really rather have them hosted on a place where a) my posts aren't smothered by an algorithm that prioritizes already-successful people, b) bot-generated content isn't held to a higher standard than human passion and dedication, and c) the images aren't compressed to hell and back for no real reason. also, i hate .webp with a passion and i love showing off the high quality versions of my work. plus, the pressure of constant interaction. as much as i would love to chat with strangers on the internet for ages about who-knows-what, i have social anxiety. and a job. and car payments. so you know... it's hard to be as plugged in as i was when i was 11. (though maybe that's a good thing...)

well, enough about me. back to the site. aside from the newest pages, i do have kind of a mini to-do list. i'm still barely scratching the surface of html/java/css so more complex ''fun stuff'' might be on the backburner for a good while, but in the meantime i do plan on general upkeep- mainly occasional layout changes to keep the rest of the site consistent (since not every page has been touched recently) & making more freebies.

...and since i'm excited about this fun fact, i'll drop it here- today marks the end of my first full week of consistent updates! i've just been on a roll lately.. this site HAS become sort of a second-home to me after all.

CLIXIE DEMO planning on randomizing responses for certain buttons ie 'tell me a joke' and 'tell me something nice', less likely but still things i would like to add eventually are her responding in TTS and outfit changes.
8 BALL GAME really more just 'taking advantage of a singular javascript function i like'. i'm a sucker for magic 8 ball. wouldn't be too hard to put together in all honesty, i'm just stalling because i'm tempted to go all out and make images to go with it.
MYCLIXIE this project has been on the backburner for ages, so i'm thinking of revamping the page altogether- and not just using updated graphics that aren't roughly 2-3 years old. i'm tempted to go full throttle and recreate something akin to the theme i used when i hosted the original run of the comic on tumblr. i realized hosting my projects here means i'm no longer held to the restrictions of other sites.. this isn't coming any time soon, mind you. i have to reorganize my outlines, settle on a format that won't burn me out immediately but also looks halfway decent, etc etc... but it is a thought i aim to speak into existence!!

for now though, i'm deleting the (unused) character & concept links and replacing them with a fanart section. i have some lovely friends who drew my characters and i would like to show them off :) i'll make a page for concepts someday, but if i do plan on hosting the story here, i'd rather compile a nice collection that doesn't contain huge spoilers.

MOBILE VIEW i'll be honest, this is probably the lowest priority. as much as it pains me for this site to look a mess on my/other people's phones, i mainly want to get everything i super want uploaded first. not that i'm not thinking about it. margins and images being a mobile layout's enemy is something i don't really understand yet- not just technically, but morally. i have my entire site layout set to be dynamic, just make the images smaller! -_- ... seriously though, if enough people ask, i'll bump it up, but for now just know it's in the back of my mind and will probably stay there for a minute. i'm mainly tacking this on so i don't forget immediately. and i probably won't, because i like to gaze at the formatting nightmares from time to time. they're just funny to me at this point.

what else, what else... if you have something you want featured on the myclixie fanart page, or spot any mistakes/have suggestions for the site at large, my email is always open- i also have a guestbook for less urgent things. :) looking forward to updating more!