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MYClixie is the tale of Darren Miles, a 22 year-old college freshman who, on the surface, seems a typical academically-challenged shut-in. That all comes to a head when he caves and downloads a complex AI program to help him write an essay for an impending deadline; When he realizes there's more to her than helping him cheat in class or simply being a conversational partner, he starts to fall for her... and that's only the beginning!

MYClixie was originally intended to be a webcomic, but the project itself has been in limbo since its conception in October 2018. For now, it's a multimedia experience detailing the adventures of Darren and Clixie, their relationship, and everything that happens along the way. Although the entire story is mapped out in near completion, I personally will try to avoid official major spoilers on this page. Be aware the story is intended to shift to a darker tone as it progresses.



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