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2/27/23 - Mini-Update & MYClixie Demo CD!
well... happy new year!! it's been ages since we've sat down and worked on this site. hopefully y'all have been doing well. @_@ we had a lot of bs to sift through for the past several months, most of it offline or personal, so i won't get into much here... but in brighter news, we'll be travelling quite a bit for the next few months so that will be fun!

10/11/22 - Splatoon 3 First Ink-pressions
so i caved and bought the new splatoon. honestly i was going into it not expecting too much- i LOVED the first game, and the second one ended up being a huge disappointment. actually, i never got to play too much because typically my internet connection is pretty bad, and that game took it so rough i barely could stay in a match for more than 30-45 seconds. :P but enough about that. i just want to focus on the third game for a bit, because if i'm being honest, it's reminded me how much i love splatoon in general.

9/26/22 - Creative First Post Title
so.. first post! for the blog portion of the site i want to keep it to stuff relevant to the site itself, related interests and/or projects, etc. also just a nice opportunity in general to talk, since i have a tendency to do that a lot & there isn't really any other good avenue on this site specifically for it. LOL